Wireless Remote Monitoring System (WRMS)

Wireless Remote Monitoring System (WRMS)

Wireless Remote Monitoring System (WRMS)

The Wireless Remote Monitoring System(WRMS) is a highly intelligent monitoring system that can realize the remote monitoring function. It uses the Internet platform to monitor multiple online analyzers’ performances at the same time. It can achieve the ultimate goal of remote monitoring, central management, distant surveillance, manual labor reduction. It is one step ahead to the foreseeable future, "Internet of Things”. 

WRMS can monitor the operation of online analyzers in real time. When the on-site analyzer runs into an error or dysfunctions, the central computer in the monitoring room immediately receives an alarm. The central computer quickly begins to look for the issue and automatically initiates the trouble-shooting process. This auto-correct function can not only ensure the safety operation of our analyzers, but also prevent potential safety hazards. Meanwhileusing the remote communication function, the parameters of the online analyzers can be adjusted remotely in a timely fashion. In this way, we can ensure the best functionality and best performance of our analyzers at all times. By realizing the functions of remote monitor and remote control, we take on a significant portion of the on-site workload so our customers can have an easier day at work.

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